About us

We are a Euro-Brazilian travel agency which has been established in Fortaleza since 2003. We are available to organize trips tailored to your requirements,because we can better serve you if your itinerary reflects your preferences.

We believe that your trip should be a mirror on your life; it should be a reflection of your soul. It should be the glint in your eyes, the light on your world. Just like an alchemist, who can turn all your experiences into sheer, raw emotion.

Explore Brasil transports you to remote places, in the middle of nowhere, in the heart of exuberant nature and of Brazilian culture, of indigenous art … and the journey turns your life into the art of living…

In Explore Brazil, we also believe that in this fast-moving and sometimes stressful world, luxury travel defines itself not only in terms of unforgettable landscapes but also by the tranquillity, sense of well-being and sometimes even the silence you will enjoy – all things which, paradoxically, you value highly, but cannot put a price on! Everything that cannot be bought … Like the exceptional wonders of nature … Like a unique sense of emotion …

In Explore Brazil, we can arrange adventure without misadventure, because we care about your comfort and well-being. This is a prelude to the contemplation of exceptional places … In exchange, Mother Nature will show you stunning performances;for once an adventure is definitely the philosophy of travel.

Throughout your adventure in Brazil, we will keep in constant contact with you by telephone, WhatsApp, Skype… You will have the benefit of our English speaking Support Services, which are available 24/7 and are here to help.

This premium service is the essence of Explore Brazil, which offers a stylish hotel selection together with customized travel.