How A & A Tour came to exist

I have realised that I have not told you how A & A Tour came to exist, as well as “Explore Brazil” by A & A Tour. So today I’m going to tell you a little about why I decided to open the agency.


I have always had a great passion for travelling, but there was a special moment that made me think twice about the direction my life was taking. It was like being in a road accident, I felt run over by life. This was when I lost my mother, and this experience made my life pass in front of me like a movie. Believe me!


At about the same time my mother passed … My son Hugo was born, and so was my travel agency, A & A Tour … I thought of these two events as a gift from God …

With my mother gone, I had to clear my thoughts and be reborn. So I decided to do what I do best, which was something that I had inherited from her and that I loved to do – travel! There were three of us; me, my father and my 14 year old daughter Rachel, and we went TRAVELLING!

I rented a 4×4, and we travelled like nomads, from Fortaleza to São Luís … At that time, in 2003, few people knew about this route which today famously goes by the name of the “Route of Emotions” …

After we got back, I launched this itinerary on the French market. It was my first itinerary, and it was a success!


Today, 50% of our sales leads are from operators in Europe. And the other 50% come directly from clients like you who have found us on the internet, on one of our 3 sites …

In 2013, we started working direct with the Brazilian public, and we also created 3 brands:

“Voyage au Brésil” for the French-speaking market, at

“Explore Brazil” for English speakers, at

Finally, “Exclusive” for the Brazilian public, at


And so, it happened … And today, here I am, as you can see, doing what I like most in life! Travelling to help my friends and my clients to travel better. With much heartfelt affection. A story of family and love.



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