Make your trip a success!


Today I have 6 essential tips to give you, which should help you to design your itinerary and make your trip a great success!


Your journey is a way to invest in your future memories. I am referring to those stories and emotions that will stay forever in your memory and will create unforgettable bonds with your family, your children, your friends, or other traveling companions … And if you want the trip to be memorable, then the itinerary, the organization and the implementation should all be perfect.


Six tips to make your trip a success

1- If you travel to Peru (or anywhere else for that matter) don’t miss out the best things to see and do because you have been misinformed … You either need to prepare your trip carefully yourself, or ask someone  specialised in your destination to do it for you.


2- Don’t organize a magnificent day trip, and then run the risk of missing it because the driver arrives late; you should always choose a competent and established travel agency that knows which vehicles, drivers and guides to use.


3- Make sure you’re not going to arrive in an unknown destination and then LOSE TIME looking for the person who is supposed to be making your transfer or organizing your excursion. Everything must be well organized and booked in advance … Ensure your travel schedule is going to be well managed.


4- Don’t think of hotels as simply a place to sleep, and spend all day rushing round trying to make sure you see all the sights! If you find yourself doing this, it means your itinerary has been poorly constructed … The length of your trip should be determined by the places you have selected to visit. Without rushing. After all, you’re supposed to be on vacation.


5- There’s nothing wrong with spending some of your time simply relaxing in your hotel. After all, you’re on holiday and you deserve a break to recharge your batteries; why not take advantage of the environment that your hotel provides. So, make sure you choose from a good selection of hotels, and not just opt for some room that was randomly selected from an online site because of an attractive price!


6- Never travel without assistance. I recommend that you have at your disposal (via WhatsApp) an English speaking  concierge/destination specialist, who can answer all your questions, whether you have a serious problem or just need someone who can recommend a restaurant for the evening.

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