Nine reasons to pay a visit to Rio de Janeiro


Ah, Rio, the Marvellous City … There is no denying that it lives up to its epithet. With so many beaches, waterfalls, mountains, cliffs, lagoons and amazing tourist spots, such as Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain’s cable cars, there are plenty of reasons for a trip to Rio de Janeiro this year.


Suitable for a very diverse public, it maintains its paradisiacal status and offers a range of possibilities for individuals or groups. Are you going to spend a weekend with friends? An extended holiday with the family? A full vacation? It can’t fail to be a success!


In the following post, we provide a series of reasons that will show why Rio de Janeiro remains a favourite destination for both Brazilians and visitors. Check it out and pack your bags!


The carioca marvels

Who has never seen a photo of the beach of Ipanema with a backdrop of the Morro dos Dois Irmãos? Who has not found pictures of Christ the Redeemer in history books and on the internet? Who has never dreamed of walking along the promenade at Copacabana, or taking part in Carnival in this, the birthplace of samba?


Filled with natural landscapes and immense tourist potential, the Marvellous City (as it is known) is both a national as well as an international yardstick. The “Gringos” always love it and always return, and Brazilians can also enjoy everything the region has to offer, as well as the usual tourist attractions.


Take a look at the main attractions that will help you fall in love with the intimate atmosphere of this city:


  1. Christ the Redeemer

Rio de Janeiro is where you will find one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World: Christ the Redeemer!


The 120 foot high statue was inaugurated in 1931 and is still the backdrop for soap operas, films and photographic essays. With a highly religious theme, it was erected at the top of the Morro do Corcovado, and can be accessed by means of a panoramic train, a passenger minivan or by helicopter.


Have you ever imagined what a 360 degree view of Rio de Janeiro would look like? From the lofty heights of Christ the Redeemer such a view is possible!


  1. Botanical Gardens

Created in the 19th century by Dom João VI, the Botanical Gardens is one of the largest green areas in the country.


The visitor can see more than 6,000 species of plants, many already threatened with extinction, besides being enchanted by the “Lago com Vitórias Régias”, the orchid garden and the Avenue of Imperial Palms.


It’s a unique experience that will make your trip to Rio de Janeiro even more special!


  1. Maracanã Stadium

After recent renovations, the stadium built for the Football World Cup 1950 still remains one of the most visited tourist spots in Rio.


Whether it’s photographing or simply breathing in the atmosphere of the turf that was once the scene of the hottest matches, or watching live football whilst sharing the excitement and vibes of the stadium full of fans, it’s well worth including it in your itinerary!


  1. The Birthplace of Samba

It is said that anyone who does not like samba is not worth knowing. In Rio de Janeiro, even those who are not really fans still dance a few steps; the rhythm is so infectious!


In the city, it is possible to watch the famous samba schools preparing for the Carnival Parades. You can also see the how the large floats are constructed, and learn how to make the most beautiful and creative costumes.


It is certainly a very enjoyable tourist attraction.


  1. The Waterfalls of Horto Florestal

Yes, the city is renowned for having beautiful beaches, but less well known are the waterfalls of the area that are just as beautiful!


If you prefer peace and quiet rather than facing the crowds at the seashore, the Horto Florestal waterfalls in Tijuca National Park would be simply perfect for you!


Earmark a day of your Rio trip to go for a swim in one of the best known spots, such as the Primatas waterfall, the Quebra waterfall and the Chuveiro.


  1. Sugar Loaf Mountain

This is one of the traditional picture-postcards of the Marvellous City.


Built over a century ago at the top of the Sugar Loaf Mountain, the cable cars take tourists on a unique trip to observe the city through their glass windows that go all round the cabins. Usually, the trip makes two stops: the first, at Morro da Urca, at an altitude of more than 600 feet, and the second at Pão de Açúcar, which is just over 1200 feet high.


You can be certain that the views will be as incredible as the ride itself!


  1. Beaches

The beaches of Rio do Janeiro are famous for their hotel infrastructure as well as for their water sports.


Copacabana is still the most famous of Rio’s beaches, and attracts tourists from all over the world. You are surrounded by the Pedra do Leme and the Forte de Copacabana, two renowned tourist attractions.


The beaches of Leblon and Ipanema at the water’s edge are also highly praised by visitors. The difference between the two beaches is that while Leblon has a more familiar atmosphere, Ipanema tends to be frequented by students, young people, and sportsmen and also has LGBT areas.


  1. Historic Centre

It is not true that being in Rio means spending all day at the seaside. The historic centre of the city offers attractions which are famous throughout the world, as well as traditional restaurants and incredible alternatives for a diverse public.

Listed below are some of the main ones:

  1. The Banco do Brasil Cultural Centre
  2. The Candelária Church
  3. The Imperial Palace
  4. The Municipal Theatre
  5. The National Museum of Fine Arts
  6. The Lapa Arches
  7. Mauá Square
  8. The Church of the São Bento Monastery
  9. Praça Quinze
  10. Cinelandia.

Construct your own itinerary and explore as many possibilities as you can!


  1. Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

Located right in the middle of the city, with an area of  approximately 600 acres, the lagoon and its verdant surroundings include a race track, a bicycle path, pedal boats, a children’s playground, food kiosks, and busy nightclubs and restaurants for all tastes and ages.


A popular attraction of the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon is the traditional Christmas tree, erected every December, and in addition there are concerts and shows held here throughout the year. A good idea for a family afternoon out, or for having a romantic date.


Now that you have seen 9 of our reasons to take a trip to Rio de Janeiro, why not staying with us and understand why it’s best to hire a travel agency? Then just decide the date, organize your finances and live the many adventures available!

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