The Amazon in the North

The Amazon In the humid equatorial climate of the Amazon, home to one-tenth of the animal and plant species of planet earth, you check in to your Jungle Lodge, a comfortable base from which to start your Amazon adventure, secure in the knowledge that you are in the hands of a highly trained and professional company. In the Amazon, you will encounter different species of monkeys, learn about medicinal plants, fish for piranhas, cuddle a baby alligator which your guide will pick up by hand, learn how the natives can communicate (by beating the hollow trunk of a tree), sail in indigenous canoes to access to the narrowest forest streams, silently so as not to frighten the animals away. Experience the way of life of indigenous Amazonians, sampling raw nature as never before in your life. To be realistic you will not always see dozens of animals roaming free in the Amazon, as the forest is vast and dense. During a stay of less than a week in the Amazon, you will probably not encounter undiscovered Indian tribes! However, you will meet Indians who have come with their families from the heart of the forest to settle on the banks of the rivers. There, the boats will pause, and they can offer their handicrafts for sale or perform a ceremonial dance for those who wish to discover their indigenous culture